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Swagelok Malaysia

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Supply Chain Management

SWAGELOK Malaysia’s Supply Chain Management

Timely. Precise. Innovative.

Keeping our customers’ requirements in mind and to provide exceptional customer service, Swagelok® Malaysia has been diligent in planning our inventory management by closely collaborating with our customers, obtaining input from our sales force as well as Swagelok’s Collaborative Replenishment.

With our strategically located offices and warehouses in Malaysia, we have been able to consistently fulfill our customers’ fluid system components needs timely, including tubing. For duty unpaid shipments, we have a dedicated logistics team to coordinate with a third party bonded warehouse and freight forwarder in delivering the goods to customers. Additionally, by understanding the customer’s needs and market demand, we have an effective storage strategy, enabling timely order fulfillment by storing the right inventory at the right location.

In Swagelok® Malaysia, we firmly believe in the value of continuous improvement. In that, we will continue to review and challenge our daily practices for betterment. Moving forward, we will move a step further in optimizing our resources through warehouse consolidation for fittings, valves and small components besides employing technology in advancing our services to better serve our customers. In short, Swagelok Malaysia will remain agile and collaborative in responding to customers’ needs from time to time on the accountability that Swagelok® Malaysia is your Total Solutions Partner.