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Connie Kong: More Than 30 Years in Customer Service

Connie Kong

In September 1988, Connie Kong joined the Swagelok family in Labuan. Her role then was as customer service coordinator, with an expansive job scope. She was the receptionist, did all the clerical work, handled account receivable collection, and even packed fitting and valve components!

Overwhelming, no doubt, but on hindsight, it was good preparation as these responsibilities geared her for bigger roles in the years to come.

After three years in Labuan, Connie was transferred to the branch office in Bintulu, Swagelok Malaysia’s hub in East Malaysia, to handle customer service. She met her life partner in Bintulu, and there she is until today.

Here, Connie, who hails from Sibu, tells her story.

The challenges

I am continuously challenged to embrace new know-hows, technology and skills. Stressful but I persevered through each as I know these are for my growth and development. I enrolled myself in learning courses, seek out colleagues for assistance, and secure help from friends and even my children.

I strongly believe that if we have the desire to learn, there is no stopping us, and this will result in us growing as a person and professional.

The reasons I stayed on

The leadership recognizes good work; the company observes a five-day work week, which is good for work-life balance; and the work environment is good. For over 20 years, we were a very small team of maximum three people. As the business grew, so did the team. We are now a team of eight people in Bintulu branch. All of us work well together as a family.

The company is also progressive, e.g. in terms of technology adoption. Communication between branches and Subang has improved tremendously, and has become more inclusive. The monthly townhalls, weekly department meetings, and the adoption of tools like Whatsapp and now Teams, has facilitated quicker communication.

The values I hold strongly

Customer Focus. We need to build trust with our customers, help our customers achieve their goals and their customers’ satisfaction. We must always strive to understand their needs and expectations. By so doing, we are helping to grow our own business, too.

Thank you, Connie, for being an integral part of the Swagelok Malaysia family!



1991: Oil & Gas Industry Trade Show at UPM Sarawak Campus. With Sales Manager Raymond Su (left) and Sales Engineer Wong Ung Hing (right)



1989: Labuan branch



1992: Bintulu branch