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KK Tan: The 36-year Sales Veteran

KK Tan

Tan Kong Keng, or more familiarly known as KK, joined Swagelok in Malaysia on 3 September 1984. Armed with a degree in Chemistry from University of Malaya, his first role was as application/sales engineer.

There was no turning back for KK, who went on to scale heights throughout his 36-year career in Swagelok. From sales to senior sales, construction sales, branch sales manager, Indonesia sales manager, general sales manager – these were among the milestones in his career journey.

In 2008, he was selected by Swagelok Corporate to be the business development manager responsible for the Asia Region, supporting Key and Alliance Account, Construction Sales. He returned to the distributorship in 2013, assuming the role of Senior Manager, Construction Sales until now.

Here he shares his experience.

The unforgettable positive moments

Over the years, I had some rare opportunities like riding in a helicopter to, and stayed onboard an offshore platform, entered a ‘clean room’ in a wafer fabrication plant, just to name a few, as well as all the uncountable number of projects and sales wins that were achieved in tough competitive situations that really made me feel good.

I am grateful, too, for the many recognitions received from Swagelok Corporate and Swagelok Malaysia on my achievements.

The reasons I stayed

Swagelok has very good and reliable product lines which meet customers’ satisfaction. I never have to apologize for our products’ non-performance issues. We have a reputable brand name and it gives me pride to represent it.

Additionally, the company gave me the opportunities to develop and grow with the many personal development programs including coaching sessions, leadership trainings, sales management trainings, etc. as well as the numerous corporate organized development programs.

The values I hold strongly

  • Respect.  I am a believer that how one respects others will be reflected in how others respect you. Respect begets respect, and the reverse is just as true.
  • Continuous Improvement. One could never know or learn all the knowledge and expertise out there. Continuous improvement and learning will make us more informed and wiser.

Thank you, KK, for your great contribution and loyalty!


1988: Presenting at the Corporate Senior Sales Seminar in Cleveland.



1990s: Oil & Gas Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur With Cheong CT (left) and Andrew Wong (right)



1990s: With Bill Tarver, Swagelok Corporate Construction Sales Manager