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Norjima Miad: Celebrating 31 Years of Good Memories and Service


A graduate from University of Missouri, Rolla, Norjima Miad joined Swagelok in Malaysia as a Technical Engineer in December 1989, because

“I just have the feeling that the small company will grow!”

What a foresight!

When Norjima first joined the company, which was then located in SS 4D Kelana Jaya in Petaling Jaya, there were only four office staff --  Evelyn Yap (office manager), Lim Bee Ping ( accounts), Jennifer Mok (customer service) and Raymond Yap (warehouse). “It was a small outfit, and my role then was to work out the part numbers, send quotations to customers, and handle walk-in customers," the Johorean recalled.

The challenges I experienced...

"There were many challenges but one that I encountered when I became a lead in the Technical Department taught me a good lesson. I had subordinates for the first time. I felt rather pressured and challenged. I had to learn how to handle each one of them --  their attitude and emotion to get the job done. One important thing I learned then was, and remains true to this day is we cannot use one type of approach on two people. No one size fits all," said Norjima, who assumed four different roles -- Technical, Training, Quality Management Representative and Inside Sales during her 31 years with the company.

The positive moments I cherished...

"As the company expanded, more products were introduced, e.g. Cajon welding system, training school, etc. I was assigned to set up the Training School in Damansara, Petaling Jaya and companies like MOX, Shell , Exxon, to name a few, would  send their staff for training some 20 years ago. Through all these opportunities, I learned that communication and teamwork are important. Along the way, too, I made some friends in Swagelok Ohio, namely John Cox, Pete English, Angie Gubanc and Lin Xu, who remain good friends to this day,” she shared.

The reasons I stayed on...

"The company allowed me to develop myself. I had opportunities to work on several new projects, e.g. setting up the new Scala system, CRM, among others. Though the projects were challenging and went beyond my scope-of-work, they gave me the opportunities to further advance my IT knowledge and expertise, and most of all, taught me the value of teamwork, and the spirit of being agile, collaborative and accountable," said Norjima, who is today a director of Swagelok in Malaysia.

The values I hold strongly

"Continuous Improvement. When our goal is to continuously improve our business, we will automatically strive for innovation to improve our service to our customers. This value is a tie-in for other values such as innovation, customer focus and quality,” she said.

Thank you, Norjima, for your service and contribution to Swagelok Malaysia through the years!



SINGA meeting: Norjima (4th from right, standing) at SINGA Strategy Planning Meeting at JB Office in 2015


jima-corporate day 2019

Corporate Day: Norjima (4th from right, seated) with the team at Corporate Day 2019 in Melaka



Monthly Birthday Celebration in 2017