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Swagelok Malaysia

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Customer Training


Customer Training

Swagelok® is a recognized global leader in training installers, supervisors, engineers, operators, and managers in the proper use and installation of fluid system components. The hands-on training sessions provide participants with an advanced understanding of processes that enhances workplace safety, improves efficiency and productivity, saves time, and reduces cost. 

Our Swagelok® certified trainers provide high impact quality training either in a classroom or your location. We offer various trainings on leak-tight installation of tube fittings, tube bending and product selection.

tube fitting 2

Tube Fitting Installation Essentials

To provide foundational tube fitting knowledge that will minimize risk of leakage and ensure the integrity of
your systems.


Valve Essentials

To provide foundational system knowledge that helps to reduce costs, ensure safety and extend production
cycle in your valve systems by identifying proper valve types and functions, understand and identify
constructions and common issues.

No Go Gauge

Tube Fitting Installation Inspection Essentials

To provide comprehensive understanding on how to mitigate and minimize risk of leakage through proper

Virtual Training

Virtual Training - Tube Fitting Installation & Tube Bending

During the new norm, we will be conducting our tube fitting installation and tube bending virtually by our Swagelok-certified trainers.  View the information here.